Blackhawk Area Council
Boy Scouts of America
Welcome to! Canyon Camp is a Boy Scout
Camp nestled in the woods of Northern Illinois. Take a look
around the site! We hope you will find what you are looking for. If
you don't, you can always contact us.
This summer, Canyon Camp will have 6 weeks of Boy Scout
Camp, followed by a week of Venturing!

REMINDER: 1st Weekend in May is the camp work weekend!
Are you curious if there are any
spots open this summer? Do you
need forms for this summer
(Medical, etc.)? Do you need
leader guides for Boy Scouts and
Venture Scouts? Check out the
"Summer Camping" section!
Are you wondering about camping
during the winter? Do you want a
place to go for your scouts or
organization where they can have
winter fun and still sleep in a warm
cabin? Check out our
"Winter/Off-Season Camping"
Do you feel lost? If you need
driving directions to Canyon
Camp, click on the "Map and
Directions" section above. Also,
click on the "Calendar of Events"
to find out different events
happening at the camp!
Check out the "Photos, Videos
and Interactive Virtual Tour"
section for cool photos and video
clips from the camping season!
Soon, there will be a virtual tour so
you can explore can without
leaving your computer (but of
coarse, you can't get the full
experience without vistiting!)!
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